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How is The Numbers Game unique?

As I began to reach out to people and receive feedback on the idea behind The Numbers Game, I found many people who are as excited and passionate about the topics as I am. However, there are few other outlets similar to The Numbers Game.  Barstool Sports, arguably today’s most effective sports news outlet, has really grasped a handle on relating to their audience through news, humor, and cultural awareness. When we’re talkin’ hockey, Barstools’ Spittin’ Chiclets, offers a podcast where they interview professional hockey players to give listeners an inside look on desired topics pertaining to players’ respective careers. The Numbers Game is different. It is a blog of articles contributed by people in different stages and aspects of sport; it offers a different way for contributors to express their message in a way that suits them. My goal is more to help people express their true self from their own perspective, in their own words. These articles will give readers a better look inside the heads of their favorite athletes, coaches, general managers, sport psychologists, and into professional sports in general.



What makes The Numbers Game different from The Players Tribune?

At first glance, I understand how a reader would see little to no difference between The Numbers Game and The Players’ Tribune. They have found uncharted territory by posting articles from some of the greatest athletes of all time. As the creator of The Numbers Game, I plan to take that vision and expand on it. The Numbers Game will cover as many aspects of professional sports as possible. Readers will see perspectives from athletes, young, current, and former; but on top of that, there will be contributions from general managers, coaches, owners, referees, sport psychologists, sports broadcasters, etc.  By incorporating all of these perspectives, The Numbers Game will provide a resource for people interested in professional sports to come and learn. Everyone has stories to tell about their respective journeys in sport.

Kevin Morris- TNG Founder
Kevin Morris

TNG Founder

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