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My name is Kevin Morris. I am 25 years old and I am currently a professional hockey player in the minor leagues. Given my age, it is naive of me to think that I have enough experience in professional sport to claim I have a full grasp on how it all works. However, I have always enjoyed hearing and reading about the things that have gone on in an athlete’s career that few, if any, have ever heard about.  In an attempt to try to comprehend the twists, turns, ups, downs, and all arounds of professional sports, I quickly realized that it would be impossible for a single person to try to convey these experiences. My vision for The Numbers Game is to provide a platform for people all across sport to offer their own stories, messages, or lessons that avid fans and fellow players, past, present and future, can enjoy and learn from. The blogs are not to be restricted. They are free to range from comedic to tragedy, in any desired prose that the author feels necessary. The Numbers Game’s goal is to simply offer a deeper, meatier look between the ears of the author.


The Numbers Game is a unique place for readers to understand the nitty gritty behind professional sport, primarily utilizing hockey as the sport of choice. Those who follow hockey as a player, or fan, are limited into what truly goes on behind closed doors and in the minds of professional athletes. Hockey has a reputation as a sport of being one you don’t ever admit to or give in to weakness. Always carry yourself with confidence. Be a professional. No chinks in the armor. Listen to any hockey interview. They are all the same. It is ingrained in us to carry ourselves with respect and humility. Very rarely do you find players that use the word “I” in a weekend preview or a post-game interview. It’s something I love about hockey and what makes it unique to all other sports. However, that mindset isn’t always attainable or realistic at all times. Players need an opportunity to cry, mourn, laugh, complain, and most importantly, celebrate. Those moments are where we learn about who we are as people.  THAT is what I want to tap into with The Numbers Game.




“We really appreciate your effort, son. We really like you as a player and would love to keep you around, it’s just a numbers game and we only have so many roster spots…”

This dreaded statement is something that has broken the hearts of nearly every athlete at some point in their career. Leading up to these conversations, there is a backstory and a response. The title is simply an example of a particularly common turn, in the rollercoaster of professional sports, that leads athletes to react and adapt their lives.

Kevin Morris- TNG Founder
Kevin Morris

TNG Founder

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